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youth sports playa vistaKids Multisport Class:

Kids Soccer, T-ball and Basketball for girls and boys ages 2-12.
Your child will have fun while developing sports skills, overall strength, coordination, teamwork, communication and self-respect in a positive and non-competitive environment. We teach the basic soccer, T-ball and basketball techniques through fun games and play.

Single Sport Clinic:


The most popular sport in the world, and one of the most popular sports in the South Bay, soccer truly is… FUN FOR EVERYONE!! Coach Derek will teach your child the fundamentals of soccer (dribbling, passing, shooting), rules of the game, sportsmanship, team sport mentality (there is no “I” in TEAM) and proper stretching and warm up procedures. All very important and necessary as your child starts his/her soccer career on the right foot.


We’ll have a ball on the court! Our coaches teach the fundamentals (dribbling, passing, shooting, defending) through fun drills and scrimmages. Your child will learn skill development through team play and individual drills in a non-competitive environment.

Flag Football:

Your kids will love our flag football, we teach the fundamentals that are necessary for success in youth football (passing, catching, strategies and defense) through exciting games and scrimmages. An emphasis on skill development over competition and the use of flags helps make the program safe for boys and girls of all sizes and abilities.


Your child will learn all the fundamentals of baseball as well as the rules and regulations of how to play the game. From hitting to fielding to base running once your child has completed this clinic they will be very prepared for league play.


This class is for beginners starting at the age of 5. Your child will learn the basic strokes – Forehand, Backhand, Overhead, Volley and Serve. They will also learn the rules of the game and the dimensions of the court. During the course all children will be introduced to playing games as well. With Coach Derek’s love and passion for teaching, your child thrive in a uniquely positive and non-competitive environment.


Don’t miss our volleyball classes! Your child will have a blast while learning the basics of the game of volleyball in a fun environment. We teach the techniques of the game through fun skill building and game scenarios.

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