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Coach Derek Youth Sports Programs:

“My son absolutely loved your Wednesday classes at his preschool!”

– Nicole Higgins

“Derek, you’re such an amazing coach. My son who is the not the best listener actually participates when you teach! I love how you interact with the kids and it’s a special talent you have… Lots of love from myself and the fam.”

– Natascha Snellman

“Derek is a wonderful coach with a passion for sports and children.”

– Crystal Gault Wagoner

Coach Derek Camp:
“He has been having such a great time…”

“My son Asher has attended your Thanksgiving camp the last two days and Asher insists that he needs to be at camp tomorrow as well because he has been having such a great time.”

– Rosalyn Vasquez

Multisport Classes:
“We are loving our class…”

“We are loving our class on Wednesdays at 10am in Playa Vista!!”

– Elizabeth Witt (and Mathis Walters)

Parties & Events:
“They loved every minute of it!” 

“Everything was fabulous!!! It was a huge success! Everyone had a great time – they didn’t want to stop playing. They loved every minute of it!”
– Mercedes, Manhattan Beach

Multisport Classes:
“Thanks Coach Derek!” 

“My son missed two weeks of school and Coach Derek classes due to a bad cold and cough. This made him withdraw on all social gatherings. My wife was extremely sad to see this behavior from our child when she took him to rejoin the class. Coach Derek did a great job getting my son back to the swing of things and making my wife feel better and positive of the situation. He also gave us comfort by his great advice to focus on moving forward and have fun.
He did a wonderful job making it a positive day of fun and play for both my son and my wife. My son is now back to the full swing of things. Thanks Coach Derek!”
– Joey Tamayo

Parties & Events:
“Coach Derek nailed it. I would give him a perfect 10 score.” 

“He engaged the children and the parents. He also put in a little comedy here and there which kept the parents laughing. The parachute race game was unique and blew everyone’s minds.I thought i would need to prod the event along or give tips here and there, but he took total control from beginning to end: rallying kids and parents, getting the kids going, giving water breaks as needed, changing tactics as the adult/kids moods changed. It allowed me to focus on making sure the guests were comfortable.

I got nothing but positive feedback from other parents. They liked the sports theme (a pleasant divergence from the Frozen themes 🙂 ) and how he ran it. About 4 parents recognized coach Derek from previous/current classes their kids were taking. The little details like megaphone (to project voices), the parent/kid races (extra competition), male vs female races (to bring out the girl/boy power rivalry) were great.

Most importantly, the birthday girl had a lot of fun and she felt special, as Coach Derek kept giving her the ‘special treatment’. We’ll be signing up for a couple of coach Derek’s classes. Thank you!”

Multisport Classes:
“When I’m with Coach Derek I feel happy because he is very fun!” 

“We asked Miles to let us know how he feels when he is with Coach Derek and here is what he said: “When I’m with Coach Derek I feel happy because he is very fun!”

I believe that Coach Derek makes Miles feel good about himself and gives him the self-confidence to play without judgment. Sometimes Miles doesn’t always use the right words when referring to his feelings, I interpret FUN as He makes me feel special or I can do things right. We are so thankful for Coach Derek and feel very fortunate to be a part of his program.”
– Christina Rojas

Coach Derek Programs:
“Wow! I cannot tell you how blown away I was by your call yesterday.” 

“Wow! I cannot tell you how blown away I was by your call yesterday. We live in such a cut throat world these days, that when people go out of their way and show extraordinary kindness, it is astonishing. it is a sad state of things, and I was just overwhelmed by your generous and amazing invitation. Everyone I have told has also expressed such amazement!!! Thank you to both you and Coach Derek. WE will see you Tuesday!”
– Lyndsey

Multisport Classes:
“We cannot say enough good things about the Coach Derek program.” 

“We cannot say enough good things about the Coach Derek program. Our daughter has been with Coach Derek for about 2 years since age 3, and it has been wonderful to watch her develop. Coach Derek has been a great way for our daughter to learn sports fundamentals in a fun way, and more.

She also learned how to interact with other children her age, and the kids all support each other in learning new things. All of the Coach Derek staff are terrific with kids, and make it very enjoyable to watch our daughter. My husband and I think that Coach Derek has been phenomenal, and we will absolutely be signing up our son once he is old enough!”
– Liz Walters, Redondo Beach, CA

Multisport Classes:
“We are very pleased…”

“Our children are our most precious treasure and it is very important to know that that they are in good hands. ”
– Alejandra and Scott Stern, Stefano’s parents

Parties & Events:
“Nathan was incredibly happy…” 

“Dear Coach Derek – I cannot tell you how wonderful you and your team were to work with, and how perfectly you ran the basketball games. Nathan was incredibly happy and so many people told me, “Best bar mitzvah evah!” Quite a few of the adults were apprehensive before-hand and suddenly thrilled during and after! Anyway – Bravo, spot on, and we wish you the best luck.

Again, it was a magical evening. Bryan, the kid who won the ‘championship’ with the free throw will never forget! AND everyone was completely invigorated. It created a sense of community spirit in addition to a fun party.
PS: And Bravo to your other coaches, they were wonderful!”
– Cynthia Sikes

Multisport Classes:
Coach Derek is one of the best coaches I have seen in a long time.  

“If you plan to enroll your child in an athletic class, make sure to do it with Coach Derek. I have played high school and collegiate sports and Coach Derek is one of the best coaches I have seen in a long time. He teaches great fundamental skills while the kids play soccer, baseball and basketball and does it in an energetic, positive and caring way. Since my son has enrolled in Coach Derek’s classes, I have noticed an improvement in motor skills, coordination, responsibility, following directions and excitement. While I cannot say enough about Coach Derek’s sports classes, it is watching my son walk out of his way to give Derek a hug and kiss after class, which makes this coach, head and shoulders above the rest.”
– Rob Burdett

Multisport Classes:
“My son looks forward to Coach Derek’s class every week.” 

“I can only say good things about Coach Derek, ever since we joined his practice my 3 year old son has learned a lot and had lots of fun. I believe his profession requires a lot of patience and I give him a lot of credit for always being willing to work with the kids. More importantly, my son looks forward to Coach Derek’s class every week and that says it all to me!”
– Nina H., Manhattan Beach, CA

Coach Derek Programs:
“Coach Derek has an amazing approach with the kids…” 

“I was so excited when my friend recommended Coach Derek to us, then even more excited when we actually met him! Coach has an amazing approach with the kids and I love his style with my son. He encourages involvement with each child in the program. His focus is on learning team spirit and understanding of sports, not winning or competition. I think he is amazing + would recommend him to anyone with young kids! GO COACH GO!!”
– Carlie C.,Redondo Beach, CA

Multisport Classes:
“My son looks forward to his weekly class with glee!” 

“My son started with Coach Derek about a month or so after his second birthday, that was about 6 months ago and it has been and continues to be a great experience. Coach Derek is spirited, patient, fun-loving, professional and he really knows how to teach toddlers the basics of soccer, basketball and tee-ball. Compared to what’s out there for toddlers, Coach Derek’s prices are reasonable.

I especially like the classes he offers at Playa Vista Park because there’s a great playground adjacent to the playing field that’s perfect for a little before class or after class playtime. My son looks forward to his weekly class with glee! And the big bonus is that after all of that running around, he takes a great nap!”
– Monikka B., Los Angeles, CA

Coach Derek Programs:
“I’m so glad I signed my son up.” 

“I signed up with Coach Derek initially with a friend and knew nothing about him. And I’m so glad I signed my son up. (We are on our third session). He really gets kids – he adapts to each child’s pace and needs and makes sports so much fun for them. He’s incredibly patient and in-tuned to kids. My 3-year-old son was unwilling to play any ball sports before he started Coach Derek’s class, and now, he looks forward to it each week. In my experience, he’s always professional to the parents.”
– Julie S., Manhattan Beach, CA

Andrew Garcia is special needs boy who always dreamed of playing football. The league was contacted by Coach Derek, who wondered if it might be possible to let Andrew come down and maybe practice or stand on the sidelines.

“Andrew had envisioned himself playing football – we, his protective parents, had decided otherwise for his own safety …yet his personal coach (Derek Lockear) saw an opportunity for him and other kids – and you all allowed it to happen. Andrew will be forever changed by the experience he had on your team. He learned many things, one of which was that he can overcome and achieve with focus and dedication. He learned how hard it can be to be a real team player, while enjoying every minute of it. He also learned that you can lead others with your heart and a positive attitude, and it is just as valuable as leading with skill and physical strength.”
Gratefully yours,
– The Garcia Family


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