Summer Sessions | New Fall Classes

Dear CDI Families,

I first would like to offer my greatest apology for my sudden departure this summer. There is nothing I want to do more than make things right again. My timeout was sudden, scary for my family and me, at times too much to bear. As I have learned, challenges and tough times don’t come with a warning. Simply put, I got the earth pulled out from underneath me with the issues at Playa Vista. But with the help of my wife, my friends and a lot of you, parents, I know that with 100% certainty, I want to come back and teach your children again, if you are willing to have me. I no longer have staff, so if there is a class, I will be there. And there are new locations, as well as I am open to going anywhere your children are (schools, preschools or your back yard) to teach.

  • After taking some time to reorganize, I have missed your families and would love the opportunity to teach again
  • I need to acknowledge that if I owe you a refund from the summer. Please know that I am working to refund any and all families that did not receive their services. If you have not reached out to me, please do so and I will work on it.
  • If you care to join any classes or exchange your refund for a birthday party or private lesson please let me know.

Again, thank you for any understanding you can give me and the support so many have shown. It all means the absolute world to me. I will do everything I can to rebuild your trust in me.

Coach Derek