Bring Coach Derek back to Playa Vista

June 14, 2019

Dear Coach Derek families,

kids birthday partiesMy heart is absolutely bursting with gratitude and humility from your overwhelming support. Many of you are asking what is going on, so I would like to share everything I know at this point.

Infraction #1
A few months ago I called security to the Sports Complex to report a coach that wasn’t an approved instructor under the PVPAL and Elevation oversight bodies. This means they weren’t paying the mandatory per child fee that allows them to conduct business at the parks. When I explained what I had observed, I was accused of inappropriate behavior and suspended. Although I knew it was ridiculous and no one asked for my side of the story (not to mention I was the one that called security), I remained quiet and served my time.

Infraction #2
Last week I was setting up for my Wednesday classes on the turf field, just as we have for 15 years. However right before the start of the class, I was asked to move my gear by security and a PV teacher. So I did just that. I moved over to the grass processed to conducted my classes, then two days later I was sent another letter again accusing me of having another run in with security and therefore being banned from PV.

Where it stands
As it stands right now I am banned from Playa Vista personally and my company will be banned after September 1st.

This is my livelihood. I pay rent to be on their fields so why would I ever tell someone to leave or refuse to move. I was instructed by Micaela (Elevation) that if I see any non approved coaches on the fields I was to report them and that’s exactly what I did.

I have requested a more detailed explanation from Micaela, Warren and Dawn, and they all have ignored my request. I have worked too hard and I care too much for a few people to make a decision like this without any due process.

I wish there was more to explain but this is what happened. My parents at the Wednesday morning classes were all willing to submit their statements and did to Micaela. They have given the exact account. At this point I remain banned! This is unfair, and no one should have this kind of power over a community based program.

Am I perfect? Hardly. Do I care a lot? Yes. Do I get fired up? Of course—I’m passionate! But have I done anything to receive this kind of treatment? Absolutely not!

In the meantime I will be looking for preschools and alternative parks to continue classes. I will continue to fight this and my desire is to be in Playa Vista where I have taught your children for the past 15 years.

– Coach Derek Locklear

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