Coach Geo Ordonez

A native of Newark, New Jersey, he lived there for a short time before his mother moved them to Los Angeles. At a young age, stories of soccer stars like Pele, Maradona, Jorge “El Magico” Gonzalez and Jurgen Klismann were shared with him by his father and uncles. They were molding him into becoming a soccer player and at age 5, discovered that he had a knack for the sport. Around the same time Geo was exposed to American culture TV and other big names in sports. He noticed how Ken Griffey Jr., Jerry Rice, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan played their respective sport at the highest level and he was inspired. Geo believed he could “be like Mike”. While growing up in Koreatown and West Adams he managed to keep himself off of the streets by getting involved in organized team sports at school, local recreation parks and at both travel and club levels.

During high school, in addition to being an all-around athlete, Geo was part of a great curriculum, The Peer Mentor Program. He would advise, guide and train freshmen and sophomores who felt like little fish in a big pond. Geo would advise these students on a weekly basis, showing them the ropes, talking to their instructors and keeping up with their performance in class. Most importantly, he equipped them with all the necessary information about the next level of education in the Junior College, Cal State, UC systems.

Since 2007 Geo has worked for the LAUSD holding positions as a Teacher Assistant, Playground Supervisor and as an official for the district’s sports tournaments during the weekends. Being a teacher’s assistant allowed Geo to become that consistent face inside and outside the classrooms. On the playground as a Playground Supervisor he thrived with the opportunity to coach the children. He provided a foundation for them that allowed them to confidently say yes, I can play basketball, football, baseball/softball, soccer, and/or volleyball. On the weekends as a referee at the kids’ tournaments, when he saw the children competing and having fun he knew he had succeeded.

Geo’s goal in life is to leave a positive imprint in the lives of every child he crosses paths with. So much so, that in the future, each child looks back into their personal histories, and remembers coach Geo as someone who inspired them to do better.

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Note: All coaches are CPR/First Aid Trained

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