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Coach Derek’s Custom Classes give your child a unique experience unlike any other by allowing them to customize their day based on activities they love!

We offer Sports Instruction for your children ages 2-12 years old.

We can facilitate the following sports:
Soccer, T-Ball, Baseball, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Track & Field.

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What Parents are saying…

“Coach Derek nailed it. I would give him a perfect 10 score.”
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“He engaged the children and the parents. I thought i would need to prod the event along or give tips here and there, but he took total control from beginning to end: rallying kids and parents, getting the kids going, giving water breaks as needed, changing tactics as the adult/kids moods changed. It allowed me to focus on making sure the guests were comfortable.

I got nothing but positive feedback from other parents. They liked the sports theme (a pleasant divergence from the Frozen themes ? ) and how he ran it. About 4 parents recognized coach Derek from previous/current classes their kids were taking. The little details like megaphone (to project voices), the parent/kid races (extra competition), male vs female races (to bring out the girl/boy power rivalry) were great.

Most importantly, the birthday girl had a lot of fun and she felt special, as Coach Derek kept giving her the ‘special treatment’. We’ll be signing up for a couple of coach Derek’s classes. Thank you!”

All The Info & Details

Private Lesson Disclaimer
Coach Derek Inc. reserves the right to reschedule or postpone Private Lessons. It’s our desire to keep all scheduled lessons however at times there are events and programs that will need to take priority.

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