Coach Derek Inc. Anti-Bullying Policy

1) No one laughs at anyone that misses the goal, misses the ball.

2) Coaches teach respect of everyone

A) Patience with everyone (All skill Levels)

B) Tolerance (we understand every child starts at a different place)

3) When a child falls down we all stop to pick them up.

4) We are all a team together.

5) We don’t make fun of others.

6) Jokes are only funny if they are not tearing someone else down.

7) We don’t trash talk the other players.

8) We teach learning how to handle loosing and winning.

A) There are no big deals

B) Learn the lesson and apply it next time.

C) This to shall pass

D) Sometimes you win sometimes you loose but you always get another shot.

9) You can’t control what others say or think about you but you can control what you do about it.

10) Any child that physically harms another child will be removed from the class and counseled with parents involved

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