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Billing Policy

  • All Afterschool fees are due on the first (1st) of each month upon completing the registration process.
  • The first month of services will be charged in advance upon registration.

Fees, Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Prorated Fees & Discounts

  • Monthly Afterschool fees will be prorated for holiday school closures of a week or more.
  • Fees will not be prorated for single day holiday school closures.
  • Monthly Afterschool fees that have been discounted cannot be discounted further during prorated months.
  • Sibling discounts are not available for families already receiving a discounted rate.
  • Enrichment class fees are not prorated.

Aftercare Cancellation and Refund Policy

When you make a booking with us, your booking is a ‘contract’. As the contract is to provide ‘leisure services’ where we agree to provide the service on a specific date or within a specific period it is not covered by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations which often applies to online and telephone transactions.

Two weeks written notice is required to fully cancel your monthly aftercare contract. This notice may be provided as an email or by letter. Upon providing the cancellation notice you may receive a credit for any unused portion of the monthly fee (prorated credit) after the two-week period, minus the registration fee of $25.00. Refunds are granted upon our discretion.

Late Fees & Past Due Balances

  • Parents are subject to a late fee if children are picked up after their scheduled/enrolled pick up time.
  • Parents will be charged $5 per each 15 minutes after their schedule pick up time.
  • Parents are subject to a fee of $10 if they do not adhere to the required 24-hour advance notice for daily drop in.
  • Parents are subject to a $25 fee for declined credit cards not updated within 5 days of notification.
  • Parents paying by check or self-initiated credit card payments with a past due balance of 5 days or more are subject to a $25 late fee.
  • Past due balances of 15 days or more are subject to suspension from the Afterschool program until the balance is paid

Schedule Changes

If you have signed up for 4 or less days per week of aftercare, those selected days are considered your schedule for the month. You are not able to change those days from one week to the next.

After your first month of aftercare, you may make changes to your aftercare selection up to one time per month and receive a prorated credit towards your new selection.

Families changing enrollment to a lesser schedule on or before the 15th of the month are entitled to a prorated credit for the difference in price. Changes made to a lesser schedule on or after the 16th of the month are not entitled to a credit or refund.

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes are subject to cancellation based on enrollment. If a class is cancelled, you can transfer to another class where space is available, receive a credit for a future enrichment class or receive a refund. You will receive notice of cancellation at least 24 hours before a class is scheduled to start.

If after the first day of an enrichment class, your child does not like the class or if a scheduling conflict arises, you may cancel your enrollment and receive a credit on your account towards another enrichment class or aftercare. You may not get a credit after two or more classes.

We do not provide refunds on any enrichment classes or prorated discounts for late enrollments. We do not allow students to “audit” classes.

Holiday Camps

Bookings may be cancelled or altered until one week before the start of the holiday camp for a full refund. Between one week and 48 hours (2 days) before the start of a holiday camp, you may change your booking and will receive a credit on your Coach Derek account. Two days before and during the week of the Holiday Camp, no refunds or credits will be allowed. If your child is sick and does not attend, you will still need to pay for the camp.


If your child is not attending Afterschool on their usual day you must contact the Site Director (310) 291-7870 to inform the staff prior to school dismissal. You cannot receive a refund for any non-attendance (i.e. sick days, personal vacations).

Registration Process:

1. Completing all forms  ENROLLMENT FORMS

2. Click the registration button on the FORMS & REGISTRATION page and complete all required information. Make your aftercare and/or enrichment selection.

Registration Fee: There is a one-time registration fee of $25 charged to each new account.

Prorating: If you register for a package after the 1st of the month you will be billed a prorated amount.

Hourly Aftercare Sign Out: For those registered for “Hourly Aftercare”, you must check/sign your child out on the day that your child participates in the program. If you do not sign your child/children out, you will be subject to a flat fee of $36 for the day.

Coach Derek Inc. Additional Policies

CDI Discipline Policy

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