A Letter to Parents From Coach Derek

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Dear Parents,
Coach Derek here! First and foremost, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve your school, your children, and your community. I’d like to take a moment and provide some insight into my company, my staff, and my vision.

The Coach Derek Inc. Afterschool Site Directors come to us with 30+ years of child care experience combined. Our Assistant Directors also come to us with 30+ years of child care experience combined. We hire dedicated adults that simply love children. We hire people that know how to program, that know how to initiate, and that know how to coordinate youth activities. We hire staff members that look to engage with children, as opposed to observing children. It is our intention that the love of these children from our staff members is not only evident, but is witnessed on a daily basis. The expectations I have of my staff are to be able to answer these questions on a daily basis: 1. Did the children have fun. 2. What did they learn? and 3. Did we get better from yesterday?

As a staff, we believe in engaging free play to begin each day. Knowing that the children have been in the classroom all day, we believe it is important that they have an opportunity to exercise their energy, their imagination, and their ability to play with others. We also believe that engaging kids in group activities gives them an opportunity to engage with others, possibly learn a new game or skill, and simply PLAY. We know that homework is a vital part of your child’s day. We want to bridge the gap between school, afterschool, and home. If there is anything we can do to help your home experience by assisting your child with homework, we are happy to do so. These things, coupled with snack, make for a pretty good couple of hours for your child. We want to stay consistent with the school’s policies and discipline so that again, there is a smooth transition from school, to after school, to home.

Coach Derek Afterschool believes that we can be an asset to your child’s school experience. We do our best to make after school care a positive, safe, and fun experience for your children. Yes, we have raised the prices slightly, but we believe that this is the price point that we need to be at in order to continue to hire highly qualified individuals and run the highest quality after school program there is. Prices of new equipment and rental space in the school increase each year, and we need to stay competitive. I will give you a guarantee that for the next 3 years, this is where the prices will stay.

You can expect an increase in enrichment prices across the board. There is a reason. I believe that it is important that we hire individuals as employees as opposed to companies. This allows me to have more control over who is working with your children. There are, however, some exceptions. There are companies that I have grown to trust, and they simply offer a specialty that I cannot match. In summary, it is important that I know exactly who is working with your children at all times. A lot of folks seek social media as a platform to voice their concerns and/or opinions. I understand that this is just the time we live in, but if you want to come to me directly, I invite you to do so. Having been in the youth sports and child care world for 26 years, I will tell you this: you never have to question my intention and there is always a reason I do or don’t do something as it relates to Coach Derek Inc. If how it comes across is misunderstood, please give me an opportunity to explain.

I am available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 6 pm to answer any questions or concerns. As the owner of this company I still teach, so I’m not in the office 24/7. I do, however want to make sure you have a platform and a place to come to me directly.

I look forward to seeing you in the 2017-2018 school year, and thank you for your continued support. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve your school, your children, and your community.

All the best,
Derek Locklear
Owner | Founder, Coach Derek Inc.
Phone | 504-310-5753
Email | derek@coachderek.com

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