What we do…

We teach year round multiple sports classes and coach sports teams for boys and girls ages 2-14.

What we can offer…

With professional coaches that have over 45 years of combined coaching experience and a combined 60 years of playing experience there is no other company that can offer what we bring to the field, to the court or to the pitch.

Who can we help…

If your child is two years old and learning how to throw, we want to be their first coach and stay with them through their journey as an athlete and beyond. We also work with children who need help with specific skill building or who have needs like improving gross motor skills. And we help experienced athletes train for teams, leagues, or individual improvement.

youth sports playa vista

youth sports playa vista

Our Philosophy…

There is more to playing sports than just winning the game.
It’s about learning life lessons like good sportsmanship, confidence and teamwork. Your child will have fun while developing sports skills, overall strength, coordination, teamwork and self-respect, in a positive and non-competitive environment.

The Coach Derek Inc. Coaches and Staff Members all subscribe to the belief that teaching the fundamentals of each sport enriches children at all levels, ages and skills. These are things that last beyond the end of the game – and linking these experiences on the field to bigger life lessons is a great opportunity to set the stage for how your child relates to athletics throughout their life. Why not make it positive?

Class Descriptions

Meet The Team

youth sports playa vistaMeet Coach Mike Spicer
Vice President of Coaches

Meet Coach Geo Ordonez
Afterschool Site Director

youth sports playa vistaMeet Coach Michelle Hernandez
Afterschool Site Director

youth sports el segundoMeet Coach Ian Marlowe
Afterschool Staff

youth sportsMeet Dr. Lori Baudino, BC-DMT
Sports Parents r Us

Note: All coaches are CPR/First Aid Trained

Coach Derek Inc. Core Values

youth sports playa vista
youth sports

  • We operate with generosity. We assume the best. We strive to be emphatic & compassionate.
  • We operate with integrity. We align our beliefs with our actions. We don’t shoot elephants.
  • We operate with humility. We are respectful. We engage with an understanding that our experience and perspectives are limited.
  • We operate with curiosity. We ask. How? Why? Why Not? When facing challenges, we self-manage by turning to wonder.
  • We operate as learners. We encourage vulnerability, poising ourselves for development & growth.
  • We operate with the utmost professionalism. We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.
  • Excellence: We demand lasting quality.
  • Community: We care deeply about people. We share and build partnerships. We celebrate, laugh and seek joy, even in the tough times.
  • Change: We welcome the unknown, embracing the unexpected and new. We adapt to meet the ever-changing times. We find new ways.
  • Diversity: We are better and stronger because of our differences.
  • Authenticity: We are our true selves in this work and we are candid.

Field Lessons Inspiring Life Lessons

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Coach Derek, Inc. Youth Sports Instruction enriches children at all levels and skills. Your child will have fun while developing sports skills, overall strength and coordination – plus life lessons like teamwork and self-respect in a positive, non-competitive environment!

We teach year round multiple sports to boys and girls ages 2-14, including Soccer, T-Ball, Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, & Tennis.

If your child has just picked up a ball we want to walk with you on your child’s sports journey. Let us help you help them get off to a successful start.

youth sports