Year round multiple youth sports classes and team sports for boys and girls ages 2-12

The Mission of Coach Derek Inc. is to inspire every child, who wants to learn sports and the healthy habits of exercise. Using a variety of services, including: multi-sports classes, training clinics, afterschool programs, physical education programs and birthday parties, we seek to create positive experiences for as many children as possible.

Coach Derek has one goal in mind; We want to teach children lessons in the game of sport and the game of life. With more than 25 years of experience and 30,0000 children (and counting), our goal is to be the reason your child keeps playing!

What we do…

We teach year round multiple youth sports classes and coach sports teams for boys and girls ages 2-12.

What we can offer…

With professional coaches that have over 45 years of combined coaching experience and a combined 60 years of playing experience there is no other company that can offer what we bring to the field, to the court or to the pitch.

Who can we help…

If your child is two years old and learning how to throw, we want to be their first coach and stay with them through their journey as an athlete and beyond. We also work with children who need help with specific skill building or who have needs like improving gross motor skills. And we help experienced athletes train for teams, leagues, or individual improvement.

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Our Philosophy…

There is more to playing sports than just winning the game.
It’s about learning life lessons like good sportsmanship, confidence and teamwork. Your child will have fun while developing sports skills, overall strength, coordination, teamwork and self-respect, in a positive and non-competitive environment.

The Coach Derek Inc. Coaches and Staff Members all subscribe to the belief that teaching the fundamentals of each sport enriches children at all levels, ages and skills. These are things that last beyond the end of the game – and linking these experiences on the field to bigger life lessons is a great opportunity to set the stage for how your child relates to athletics throughout their life. Why not make it positive?

Class Descriptions

Meet Coach Derek

Note: All coaches are CPR/First Aid Trained

Coach Derek Inc. Core Values

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youth sports

  1. The Introduction… Research has shown, the first impression a child has with sports/exercise is the most important. This impression can alter a child’s life. At Coach Derek Inc., we make this first impression positive and healthy. We combine fun and good health, so each child wants to keep coming back. You always feel better after you exercise, right?
  2. Nope, it’s Not just Soccer… At Coach Derek Inc we play soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and MORE. Our staff believes an introduction to every sport allows each child the opportunity to find what works best for them based on their skills and likes.
  3. We build relationships… At Coach Derek Inc., we get to know each child we work with in a meaningful and healthy way. By building and establishing a positive, healthy RELATIONSHIP, we can have a real impact on each child’s life. The win/loss record is never our focus.
  4. What if my child isn’t athletic? If your child doesn’t want to play a particular sport, that’s OKAY. While we work on the life lesson: “Not Quitting,” we put more value into each child learning their individual strengths, true talents and intrinsic value. Sometimes just showing up and trying something new is the best “Not Quitting” life lesson.
  5. We offer a guarantee. If you aren’t HAPPY giving Coach Derek Inc. your money, then WE ARE NOT happy taking your money. We are in this for the long haul, not just one season of your child’s life.
  6. Begin where you are. We start where your child is, not some “idea” of where your child should be. If we don’t meet at their current skill level, we can’t get where we want to go!
  7. Show up with a plan. Children choose for themselves among different structured activities. In this way, they build the experience in their own way, but with our careful guidance.
  8. Enjoying exercise and sports is one of our goals. We never want to be the reason a child doesn’t like sports or exercise. At Coach Derek Inc., we keep it loose, and we keep it fun. In this way, we build on small successes with each child.
  9. A healthy dose of competition is OKAY. It’s important for children learn how-to-win and how-to-lose. This is the game of life. Win-or-lose, there’s always another mountain to climb and another game to play.
  10. Afterschool is our job too. If your child, at any point, wants to learn a sport, or your school needs an afterschool program, Coach Derek Inc. wants to be the one to establish, build and nurture their experience.

Field Lessons Inspiring Life Lessons

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Coach Derek, Inc. Youth Sports Instruction enriches children at all levels and skills. Your child will have fun while developing sports skills, overall strength and coordination – plus life lessons like teamwork and self-respect in a positive, non-competitive environment!

We teach year round multiple sports to boys and girls ages 2-12, including Soccer, T-Ball, Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, & Tennis.

If your child has just picked up a ball we want to walk with you on your child’s sports journey. Let us help you help them get off to a successful start.

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