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kids sports

kids sports

Changing Lives

In today’s society, we tend to see children playing on devices instead of playing with toys and staying inside all day playing video games instead of playing outside doing physical activities with other kids. Unfortunately due to the advances of technology, children’s social skills are put on hold and physical activities are only enforced in school settings. This ultimately effects the child’s growth, physically and mentally, because they are not introduced to outdoor activities or sports. Sports is a life changing experience that has a great impact of kids and their character traits. Today’s youth needs to be pushed into doing things because of the distractions that are now easily available to them.

Focusing on something they love

kids sportsIntroducing kids to sports at an early age, allows them to rule out what they like and do not like. Being able to pick and choose rather than be forced to play a sport will be more fun to them and they will most likely be self-motivated. Children who are involved in sports are less likely to be influenced negatively because they are busy focusing on something they love. Playing sports lets them be occupied and set goals for themselves which carries over to school. If one does not perform well in school, they are not granted the opportunity to play, which in the end, pushes the child to balance both school and sports. Of course, being involved in sports promotes better health. Going to practice every day allows them to continue that exercise routine outside of practice which again shows self-motivation.

Positive Effects

Another positive effect sports has on kids is building their self-esteem and confidence. This helps children strive for the best and engage in friendly competition. As mentioned before, playing sports is a good way to maintain your health and children playing sports have a better outlook on their body image. Playing your best and winning, creates a sense of accomplishment thus shaping your self-esteem. Participating in sports and being a part of a time provides a sense of belonging which improves their social skills. Being exposed to other children from different backgrounds allows the child to be diverse. These interactions enable friendships which help make children more sociable and outgoing.

kids sports

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